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Will practicing yoga contradict with my religion?
No. Yoga is not a religion, it is a system for having a healthy mind and body. No religious scriptures ask their adherents not to have a healthy body or mind – in fact they suggest the opposite. Sincere yoga practice helps develop positive qualities such as love, peacefulness, kindness, caring, compassion, generosity, happiness and respect, including respect for all races and religions.

Do I risk injuring myself by practicing yoga?
No. With a correct warm up and following the teacher’s instructions, it is absolutely safe.

I have knee problems and a bad back – can I practice yoga ?
Yes, of course. With the practice of yoga, you will see improvements in your condition.

Will yoga help to manage my stress?
Yes. This is one of the main goals of yoga.

I am overweight – can I practice yoga?
Yes. Yoga is about going beyond the mind and the body and transcending the physical form. If you are severely overweight, then some of the postures may have to be adapted for your body type. We have seen overweight students who are naturally more flexible than thinner people. Yoga helps regulate the metabolism and will lead to weight loss.

What is the best age to begin Yoga?
There is no fixed age limit to commence Yoga. Yoga can be practiced by almost anyone.

Can I build muscle and get a toned body with Yoga?
Yes you can. Yoga works every part of the body while stretching and using isometric resistance which in turn helps shape lean & long muscles making the body slender & beautiful.

Will yoga help me lose weight?
The practice of Yoga has been very successful in helping people lose weight. Some Yoga postures activate glands like the thyroid gland which regulates your weight. With proper guidance and practice, you can reach your ideal weight with Yoga.

Can Yoga help me if I have problems conceiving?
It definitely can. Yoga helps enhance the libido and strengthens the womb and uterus. It also regulates menstrual cycles. Glands associated with vitality in both men and women are activated through Yoga.

Can I Practice yoga if I have my menses?
Yes but only selected postures. You should avoid postures that put pressure on your stomach and inverted postures as this may interfere with the downward flow and cause discomfort.

Is yoga for men?
A common misconception about Yoga is that it is suitable for women only. Women and men equally benefit from yoga practices for greater flexibility, strength and a healthy mind.

Will yoga make me sore and tired?
No. Yoga will not make your muscles sore or tired. Mild soreness & tiredness happens when you first begin your yoga practice but should wear off after your first week of practice.

Can I perform Yoga if I do not have flexibility?
Yes you can. With proper instructions you will develop your flexibility very gradually which will prevent you from experiencing any major pain or discomfort.

Can I stop practicing Yoga after some time?
Yes you can. There will be no side effects.

I am old. Can I do yoga?
If you are old, you have more reasons to practice Yoga. You need more Yoga practice than anyone else.

Do I need to be a vegetarian to practice Yoga?
No. there are no restrictions. You can eat meat and drink wine. Yoga is a practice for physical and mental health.

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